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Nasty women radio believes that for women to move forward empowered in our own lives as well as in the leadership positions we want to see us in, we have to begin dismantling the shame unfairly placed on our bodies and issues that affect us. We are taking back "nasty." If speaking our truths about our own lives, experience and perspectives makes us "nasty women" then we are happy to be just that. No subject is off limits as Neghar and Erin delve into topics such as sexuality, periods, domestic violence, reproductive justice, self-care and witchcraft. We identify as intersectional feminists, always looking to evolve in our own understandings and perspective. Join us for unfiltered conversations. Some adult content.
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Aug 15, 2017


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Episode 27: Nazis

0:13 – Today we’re obviously talking about Nazis

2:49 – “Unite the Right” Rally – just the facts

6:14 – White men: What’s being taken from you?

7:48 – History has already been revised to erase women, the abuse of women, people of color…

9:52 – But, it’s 2017, discrimination isn’t a thing, right?

12:04 – We are living in a time in America where racism has this new permission to breathe

17:12 – Messy politics + a bad earpiece [insert eye roll]

20:11 – If you still don’t understand white supremacy…

24:08 – A message to white people (& DISCLAIMER)

29:04 – I keep fucking up and saying the wrong shit + feeling defensive

35:08 – Silence is complicity + What to do when you don’t have words

39:09 – Where are we as white women?

40:06 – It’s time to start doing work that’s important

43:15 – If I find a funny meme, and you are at a funeral…

45:05 – You aren’t excused from the conversation


FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Ten Ways White People Can Stop Annoying People of Color on Social Media


46:51 – Erin Brown represents all white people

47:30 – Why can’t we say, “I don’t see color?”

53:47 – GOOGLE IT

56:05 – Want to take action, but not sure what to do or how to speak up? Use your DOLLARS! DONATE!






Huffington Post Women

Huffington Post Black Voices


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Aug 8, 2017


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Episode 26 : Gossip Girl

0:56 – Jen Sinkler and Power Clashing


7:41 – Repositioning ourselves in the conversation of gossip – AND holding ourselves accountable

12:04 – Venting and not creating positive experiences for yourself

14:43 – Pop culture gossip = A OK

16:22 – Gossip as small talk (and we DESPISE small talk)

20:17 – Feeling triggered?

21:46 – Salon Gossip Pact

22:44 – It’s time to unpack: WHY do I feel the need to gossip?

26:38 – Venting cut off + Stepping into a new space

30:55 – Giving people passes for their behavior vs. setting boundaries

34:23 – “…I want to punch you in the face.”

36:12 – The bottom line


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Aug 1, 2017

Episode 25 : Self-Presentation

00:32 – Videos of myself…with myself

2:00 – Privacy when littles are constantly playing with our phones

2:57 – Intro to this week’s subject

6:16 – Policing our kids’ clothing – especially girls

11:48 – How I see kids expressing themselves now + How community perpetuates self-expression

14:35 – As a woman, you can either be sexual OR you can be intellectual…

18:21 – Being comfortable in what you choose vs. being comfortable in what your peers choose – and the freedom to make that choice

22:55 – Self-reflection on judgment, triggers, and beliefs

24:50 – What I wish more men were upset about…

27:44 – “We don’t respect you and you’re not safe” – CULTURE

29:19 – There is no outfit that will communicate exactly who you are

33:58 – That’s not appropriate for children…

37:47 – Underbutt + judgment

41:48 – Moving forward thoughtfully…


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Jul 26, 2017

Episode 24 : The Lie of Having Your Shit Together

0:57 – There’s a LOT of pressure for millennials today

1:35 – I feel so fortunate that social media wasn’t a part of my younger life

3:08 – What we were doing in our early twenties

7:43 – The most important thing Neg learned in her 20s

9:54 – For the first time the other day, I reflected back on college and realized I love the woman I was

13:24 – How I feel like I have my shit together

20:32 – Perfectionist society and choosing your own priorities

23:24 – Stop auditioning for relationships + Hustling for worthiness

29:30 – Getting over it

32:23 – Unpacking, authenticity, and honest relationships

34:48 – It’s OK to be vulnerable

37:36 -  Whatever you do, someone is going to make fun of you

42:13 – It was like reading a whole different book

44:15 – Tools we would recommend

44:30 – Finding people through social media that resonate with you, not what you think you should be doing

45:21 – Connections vs. comparison

47:00 – There’s not really an “all together”

48:43 – “Is this gonna be FOREVER??”

51:45 – Doing our best


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Jul 18, 2017

Episode 23 – Body Hair!

0:46 – Neg’s body hair removal inner dialogue

2:37 – The why and how of body hair removal – a history

6:54 – Make yourself slippery and then no one will attack you

8:47 – “Who wears short shorts?”

10:48 – How marketing plays into female hair removal

12:52 – “Lady Pens”

13:20 – So, Neg, what’s YOUR body hair sitch?

“I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of it, and I don’t keep myself from showing up because of it, but I do like removing it.” Neg

16:58 – Erin’s body hair sitch – and making sure its removal is for her

19:52 – No more with, “I’m OCD,” unless you have that.

20:35 – On the topic of not wearing underwear

23:06 – A woman is supposed to look like whatever the fuck she looks like

25:34 – It doesn’t make you less of a feminist if you shave your legs

26:26 – I’m just excited, because I didn’t know I was trash. And now I am.

28:12 – We get to decide for ourselves what is classy or elegant or attractive…and if we give a fuck about any of those things

30:00 – If you remove it, more power to you. If you have it…

31:23 – Who only shaves when they shower, and who makes a ritual out of it

34:33 – You do NOT have to suffer!


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Jul 11, 2017

Episode 22: Second Listener Q&A

0:20 – Neg’s Nipples

1:00 – Choices for decorating our faces: does it leave us more or less empowered?

4:30 – How do I know if changing my physical appearance is for me and not for someone else?

6:55 – You don’t have to show up bared faced on social media to be authentic

8:21 – Neg’s Nails

10:34 – Your opinion of me and how I dress, decorate, etc. is your problem

15:16 – Anybody know where I can get a swimsuit in my size to have my butt out in?

16:30 – On to listener questions…

16:50 – What are the consequences of a woman having sex because she feels obligated to, and just because she wants it to be over?

20:14 – Nothing prevents cheating, except for…


“Your role as a woman is whatever the fuck you decide your role as a woman is.” – Neghar Fonooni


25:16 – Tarot: where do I begin?

39:35 – Any advice on showing up vulnerably and powerfully in the workplace?

42:24 – “I love everything Neghar said, but it looks like she forgot her pants.” Say WHATTTTT?

53:50 – “You GUYS”



Learning the Tarot – book by Joan Bunning

Holistic Tarot  – basically tarot bible

Google: “witch store”


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Jun 27, 2017

Episode 21: What the FUCK is happening right now?

**Erin isn’t often at a loss for words…so this episode is monumental for SO MANY REASONS**

1:27 – Philando Castile verdict – also, not an isolated issue

7:23 – When someone dies in an every-day restraint scenario, EVERY fucking thing changes

9:20 – It’s not even a police officer’s job to execute a dangerous criminal

11:05 – Obviously there are great police officers

12:21 – When I see police officers, I think, “Am I fucking something up?”

13:12 – Dear White People + being treated differently on a regular basis

16:00 – Jordan Peele’s Get Out

17:04 – Colin Kaepernick’s movement – Know Your Rights

18:30 – I don’t know how to correct for a legitimate fear that is based in racism

22:41 – What are we going to demand for our own communities around this?

24:23 – In HAPPY news, Beyonce had a couple of babies + how she handles drama!

28:48 – Back to bad news – NC says you can NOT revoke consent once it is given…

34:14 – This is where we are at in America today

34:56 – What the HELL is going on with this Trump investigation???

39:52 – I am really tired of people avoiding discussing politics

42:30 – Trump supporters: I implore you to have conversations of substance with people in your life who are NOT.

43:13 – There’s a difference between having a different opinion from you and thinking you shouldn’t exist or have rights

46:11 – The 20th anniversary of the release of the very first Harry Potter book – MAGICCCCC

48:03 – I love having these conversations – it feels free not to bottle it up!

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Jun 20, 2017

Episode 20 (??): Wonder Woman and femininity and whatever else pops up!

00:54 – Neg’s thoughts on “Wonder Woman” (movie, 2017)

Side note – the director is from Lawrence, KS (where Erin hails from), and, a WOMAN!

1:45 – “As the sociopolitical climate stands currently, we can’t afford for this film not to crush”

2:32 – Mentioning the controversy around Gal Gadot

4:36 – Here at NWR, we don’t want to avoid the messy conversations…

5:21 – Gal isn’t my hero. Wonder Woman is! + what Neg learned about her training

6:56 – Uh…Robin Wright TOTALLY made up for Buttercup (finally)

7:45 – Erin’s thoughts on the movie


10:30 – Fair criticism – when you get ONE female superhero movie, there is so much that it won’t get right!

13:57 – Something we can learn from Wonder Woman – preparing girls in our culture…

14:42 – Ann Wolfe – world-class badass who is NOT afraid to take up space!

16:00 – We need to stop saying “Women CAN be strong”

16:39 – The new animated “Snow White” movie…things aren’t looking good

17:26 – I would love it so much if she was fat and it was never talked about

18:08 – Playing into awful marketing


19:36 – Segway into FEMININITY!

22:04 – Addressing over-sexualization and romantic plotline in Wonder Woman

24:08 – Femininity as a social construct, necessary energies, and stripping feminine energy from men

26:47 – There’s no nailing it when it comes to femininity!

30:03 – I feel both masculine and feminine in energy ALL the time!

31:31 – We have to be able to show up authentically (and feel things in a REAL way)!

31:49 – “I get teased a lot at the gym” – Neg

36:09 – Pullups and having your nails done don’t have to be masculine/feminine

36:40 – Girl World Magazine – letter to the editor

39:36 – I shouldn’t have to explain why sometimes I like to wear snapbacks, and sometimes I like to wear lipstick! + EVERYBODY should be able to have all of these forms of expression available to them!

41:30 – Is there any way to avoid religion in this conversation?

42:07 – Nothing’s off topic anymore…we are talking about marriage and religion now!

43:14 – Talking intersectionality with my guy friends over beer

46:46 – Warrior archetypes!


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Jun 13, 2017

Episode 19: Consent

00:25 - Definition

1:34 - “I would just do it anyway.”

4:20 - It’s too bad Erin hates men…

5:20 - It’s about OUTERcourse, too

8:00 - Conversations with our kids about sexual consent

16:20 - Is it possible to rape your spouse?

17:41 - Sneak attack games at the pool and safe words

22:57 - Thinking of “pesky” sexual assault allegations

25:40 - Consent is SEXY

26:50 - There are APPS!!

28:00 - Dick pics: I would like to share an artistic portrayal of my dick with you!

33:32 - We always question the victim.

34:45 - It’s about power and control, not about sex - there are PLENTY of willing participants!

35:21 - Explaining “The Bachelor” + digging into “Bachelor in Paradise” news…

43:14 - Bottom line: EVERYONE has to be on board.

47:27 - The beginning of the lack of consent comes from immaturity and the inability to discuss this stuff


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Jun 7, 2017

Episode 18: Activism

1:17 - Clothing sizes are bullshit

4:02 - Today we thought we’d talk about different forms of activism after seeing some really cool walk outs recently at graduations

6:45 - Organizing via Facebook

8:05 - Speaking to the young white women who looked so confused/shocked during the ND walkout...

9:56 - This is a really inflammatory time in America because we have inflammatory politicians

14:53 - Lots of ways to get involved - Planned Parenthood

17:38 - The most important pieces of activism to Erin right now…


19:22 - How do you respond to comments from coworkers that are inflammatory/bigoted?

23:47 - I’m not necessarily looking to change someone’s mind all the time, I just want to make it significantly more annoying for them to show up with that perspective…

26:04 - If we started speaking up, it would be a much less safe place for people to be bigots

32:40 - Violence Against Women Act

34:05 - Volunteering as a form of activism

35:28 - Donating as a form of activism

36:38 - Social Media/Digital forms of activism

39:19 - Everybody’s busy...but you have SOMETHING to offer

41:15 - When someone tells you their story, listen and believe that is their experience. How can you show up for them?

44:35 - Don’t support spaces that actively go out of their way to go against causes you care about

46:21 - Figure out how to be an activist that makes sense to you + use your voice in ways that are safe!

48:30 - Don’t overwhelm yourself


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Planned Parenthood


Erin’s YT channel

Book - Rules for Radicals



May 30, 2017

Episode 17: Internalized Vulva Phobia

2:00 – Neg: How’d you become the princess of camel toe?

5:05 – Our feelings about camel toe ARE internalized misogyny

6:24 – Female genitalia shaming

7:43 – Taking on camel toe activism and normalizing the SHIT out of it

8:24 – Is Jen Sinkler now Princess Moist?

9:48 – Internalized vulva phobia is just internalized misogyny and unpacking that

11:48 – Camel NO and moose knuckles

13:24 – We’ve been conditioned to hide it, but you can love how it looks!


Questions – Concerns – Feedback?


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May 23, 2017

Episode 16: Reverse Racism - It’s a lie

Questions – Concerns – Feedback?

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May 16, 2017

Episode 15 : Street Harassment

1:20 – I experience this EVERY SINGLE DAY + getting desensitized

5:10 – My experience with Midwestern hospitality vs. street harassment

7:18 – The psychology of cat-calling

8:13 – It makes me feel small, it makes me feel unsafe…

9:30 – I want to see more men say, “Knock it off!” + implied ownership

10:50 – It’s really possible to give compliments without being skeezy

12:29 – If I want to engage with a woman, how else am I supposed to do so?

14:25 – It’s evolutionary for men to want to spread their seed, right? [eye roll]

15:34 – Why aren’t more men offended by this? + and what we do when we see an attractive person

17:17 – The topic of rape culture + arguing with me about my experience

18:24 – The: “But, this isn’t just an issue for women…” argument

21:27 – Don’t ask me what I was wearing

25:15 – When women experience it, we feel unsafe

27:45 – LISTEN!!

28:16 – Hollaback and what we can do

34:00 – Why do I need a gun to feel safe?

36:09 – Raising our kids to be aware and respectful

38:24 – My biggest hope…


Questions – Concerns – Feedback?


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Hollaback (organization)

Feminista Jones (blogger/writer) (brass knuckles)

May 10, 2017

Episode 14 :: Is Fitness Feminist?

0:36 – Erin messed up! “Exploring” and “experimenting” are terms that feel a little heteronormative…

2:33 – I catch myself saying “You guys”!

6:10 – Slow the FUCK down

8:28 – Consistency and cycles

9:45 – Tease: “I just read a book about orgasmic meditation!”

11:24 – Let’s get on topic, here!

12:22 – There is a lot of controversy in the stock photo world

13:29 – Is it ok to want to become lean, and use fitness to do so?

15:16 – Autonomy as a driving force of feminism

16:00 – Focus is on women becoming smaller and/or fitting into a narrow standard of beauty

18:37 – Fitness is SO important for mental health, so take the parts of fitness that you don’t want to be part of your inner dialogue, out!

21:43 – How social media is helping the feminist movement in fitness

23:49 – Erin stopped lifting weights + you can just move

27:49 – You have to feel your best to show up and give your best

29:00 – Doing it for someone else is a distraction I can’t afford…Dammit, we’ve got to care about something else

31:55 – What I am sure of is that the narrative keeps us small

37:55 – What is anything that you want to do worth to you?

39:43 – We have the habit of judging peoples’ fitness based on how they look

40:50 – When I was a fitness model, I was super disempowered

42:31 – I’ve been thinking a lot about my body recently…

46:58 – So, Neg, why do you work out?

49:45 – I was PISSED when I started working out regularly and noticed the difference it made in my mental health

50:36 – I enjoy feeling more capable

52:51 – YOU get to choose what strong means

56:37 – Do you have any tips for making something a practice if it’s new for someone?

1:00:55 – It’s really easy for me to get to a place where I feel energetically paralyzed

1:02:13 – Anything can be a form of meditation

1:05:22 – Focus on what aspects you like - and on enjoying it – while exploring fitness!

1:06:14 – Question: Is fitness feminist? Answer: It depends!

1:07:24 – Showing up and doing my thang

1:12:10 – I want you to move, because…


Questions – Concerns – Feedback?


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May 2, 2017


Episode 13 :: SLUTS??

1:12 – Capturing our menses and dissecting THINX under fire

5:33 – Sending lady nudes to my friends, and peers

8:54 – Should we shop THINX and what do YOU want to take a hard stand on?

12:46 – SLUTS: a term of endearment?

15:09 – I don’t know what a slut is

15:45 – Using it derogatorily – WHY?

17:11 – I wonder if my being called a slut leant to more aggressive experiences for me (NOTE: the aggression is ALWAYS on the aggressor)

18:52 – How did YOU respond to being approached as “easy”? + learning to be NICE

21:37 – Societally, we think we have some kind of right to judge how people show up in their bodies and lives

22:45 – We aren’t educating our children at all


23:40 – TRIGGER WARNING STORY (through 24:20)


25:00 – I wish more men would speak to this…

26:10 – Putting our daughters in protective outfits

31:04 – I am at the point where I am so sick and tired of being street harassed that I’m aggressive about it now

33:50 – Erin’s big fancy news!

35:44 – I am SO glad to have grown up in a world without social media and why

36:45 – Moments of shame when I was a child, and how I thought I deserved it

40:55 – Let’s pretend for a moment that Trump had consent to grab the pussies…

43:03 – Googling “slut shaming” videos – here’s what I found (cat-calling is excused as evolutionary??)

46:19 – What’s our role in this?

48:33 – Keep asking yourself WHY you have these ideas of how women SHOULD act, dress, etc. (HINT: 100% of the time it’s misogyny)

51:26 – Make empowered choices for your body, in your body, for you & “I was just raised better than you”

53:06 – Stop judging people, it’s none of our fucking business!

55:08 – It’s all about “What’s wrong with these girls?” What holding the men responsible?

56:34 – We are choosing to show up differently, and we expect you to join in


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Apr 24, 2017

Episode 12 :: First Listener Q&A

2:23 - I just took Plan B for the first time…

3:37 - Do we talk about tampons enough?

5:40 - Plan B continued

7:08 - RADIANCE RETREAT: Details & Real Talk (

11:05 - Whose period is more powerful?


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13:06 - We got TROLLED and what makes me physically ill about it

16:51 - ANAL episode feedback, our missteps, and NEVER go B to V!!


Miss the ANAL episode? Check it out!




23:27 - What’s the deal with mansplaining and men commenting on the female body?

26:38 - We’re CALLING OUT THE MEN: Why DO you want to talk about women’s bodies and give us unsolicited advice?

30:14 - How do I get out of the comparison trap? + Make your own stuff & FUCK your table

36:36 - Addressing Roles: Gender Roles, Over-Identification with Roles, Role Reinforcement, etc.

45:25 - How do you deal with everything - socially, politically, etc. - without letting it affect you on a cellular level (i.e. getting bummed out or depressed with it all)??

53:28 - “Could you go back in time and do this show when I was a teenager?” and what we would go back and tell our teenage selves.


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We are told constantly how women need to be having more conversations like these...regularly. It’s time to get your tribe together (EVERYONE can be invited...even men!) and host a listening party! Treat it like your favorite show’s watch party, and have a discussion at the end! Once you get your crew together, make sure to snap some pictures of the fun and tag us on social media! Erin Brown has been known to Skype into book clubs about her books, so who knows what could happen???



Radiance Retreat -

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ANAL episode - YouTube:


Apr 18, 2017

Episode 11 :: Cultivating Confidence

0:43 - The myth of consistent confidence and worthiness

3:30 - Your presence matters

4:36 - Navigating feedback and not taking things personally

10:06 - Showing up as I am

11:06 - What makes you feel low and moving out of it (the pendulum)

16:15 - Internal Struggle: the judge and the victim

17:38 - Beyonce doesn’t wake up as Beyonce + tangent (putting energy towards change...and Beyonce)

20:12 - What happens when you put too much stock in others’ opinions

21:02 - Attaching outcomes to projects

23:24 - “Write drunk, edit sober.”

26:25 - They key to feeling confident is…

27:09 - Inviting clarity in and tree huggers

35:21 - Tear experiment - It’s OK to cry

37:56 - This idea of perfection shows up everywhere

39:27 - What’s in the way of you showing up as you need

40:05 - Confident people own their mistakes

42:27 - When it’s appropriate to apologize

45:44 - Let’s talk daily confidence rituals

51:38 - Music as a confidence boost

52:28 - Borrowing power

54:48 - Nobody is doing it like you are

56:16 - We should all have the confidence of a mediocre white guy

57:07 - We need you now

59:41 - PRACTICE

1:01:30 - “The Charisma Myth”

1:03:38 - Do you experiment with confidence?

1:07:51 - It’s not just you + girl club


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Book - “The Charisma Myth

Book - “Feminist Fight Club”

Apr 11, 2017

Episode 10 :: BAD MOMS

1:19 - Seeking diversity in Momming, not some standardized “perfection”

3:10 - I lived so many years feeling guilty that I wasn’t the mom I was supposed to be

5:33 - The politics of PTA & not room parent material

9:56 - Talking about, and unpacking, guilt

13:10 - Have you ever been mom-shamed?

16:26 - I censor myself around other people's’ kids while still showing up as myself

20:37 - I am someone’s mom...and I am a whole person raising a whole person

21:58 - Female Speakers at events → do they exist? + a solution

25:51 - My primary identifying characteristic isn’t “MOM”...does that make me a bad mom?

28:24 - “I had all of these hopes and dreams. And then I had you…” & adding self-care to the mix

32:19 - The taboo of not wanting kids and talking about it

35:30 - Defaulting to Mom Group

42:39 - Pregnant friends, mom forums, and support

48:27 - Finding your place as a mom and permission to show up as you want


Apr 4, 2017

Episode 09 :: BODY IMAGE

1:30 – Addressing #BoPo & Body Image Overview/Intro

2:39 – You might not realize you have issues with your body until something sparks it

3:20 – Neg’s story

8:30 – “If, Then…”

11:10 – Neg’s main healing mechanism

13:00 – Erin’s story

15:14 – “Just love yourself”, and other bullshit tropes

20:50 – You have to be mindful of your own stuff…it’s not one-size-fits-all

21:05 – Is it worth it for me to track macros?

22:29 – Freedom vs. Restriction

24:28 – “Everybody knows that if you lose the correct amount of weight, guys don’t cheat anymore”

26:37 – We aren’t thinking about ourselves and what we want

26:53 – How Erin suggests people start…

27:27 – Nothing will change unless we change.

30:00 – Magazines are NOT fully to blame for where we are...

31:12 – The Beauty Myth

32:27 – Stepping OUT of the box just to create a new one?

35:04 – There’s ALWAYS a way for you to be failing…

35:56 – It’s all about that ROOT wound

42:49 – Where I agree with the body positivity community…

43:43 – I FUCKING HATE: “We’re all works in progress”

47:27 – Big difference between “gray hair” and “gray hair, gross”: Taking thoughts as truth

49:11 – Today, I am not really excited about every part of my body, AND I love my body.

52:05 – What makes Erin mad

55:04 – What I love about beauty

57:43 – Our challenge for you...

Mar 28, 2017

0:01 - I try to convince all the women I know to have anal sex

1:06 - Why we are talking about it

2:15 - Erin’s brief narrative - It wasn’t working for me

3:45 - “I think I should create detailed metrics about this” - Neg

4:10 - Let’s talk EXPLICIT CONSENT

5:24 - Communication is sexy

9:03 - “Pure” societies and the “sanctity of your asshole”

11:30 - Opening up to conversations on pleasure

13:18 - Shout out to the Punany Poets & Pussy Potions Tea!

14:53 - Finding extreme pleasure

15:43 - You don’t have to try it, but I ask you to…

17:22 - It’s far easier to time simultaneous climax

18:42 - Laying out options...choose what’s best for you

19:52 - Fear of having an accident

20:40 - What made you continue exploring this option for yourself?

23:07 - Avoiding accidents

24:20 - How anal sex is portrayed in porn

25:40 - Safety & security conversation

27:20 - Erin’s labor poop story

29:35 - Positions in porn make anal uncomfortable & positions for most pleasure

35:36 - Is there prep work? What’s the foreplay for anal?

36:25 - Olive oil?

38:30 - Taking care of the mess

40:28 - Main take aways

42:00 - What’s the pitch for anal when I’ve got this other thing that’s working??

46:09 - Exploring your body and feminist standpoint

46:58 - How much lube?

50:33 - Modern day anal sex with an empowered woman

54:00 - The Aftermath

55:30 - Submission can be hot

Mar 21, 2017

2:02 - The winter slow down

5:00 - Ritual: Out of reach? And defining it…

8:28 - Do I have to stick to the SAME rituals always?

9:21 - Neg’s right-now 15-minute morning ritual & how she carries it through the day

12:02 - Neg’s ideal morning ritual (aka: The Sunday Version)

15:26 - Erin’s AM Ritual

18:20 - My bullet journal

21:11 - My mother’s road rage

24:20 - Why rituals are SO important

25:50 - Neg’s PM Ritual (incl. herbal painkillers)

30:00 - Erin’s PM Ritual

33:114 - I love the idea of baths

35:59 - The Fancy Bath Ritual

39:13 - Why you are hesitating to start a ritual & how to stop

40:33 - Outdoor ritual: get connected to and rooted in nature

42:49 - Tarot Cards

Mar 14, 2017

Episode 06 :: Talking With Your Kids

0:20 - I peed in my backyard

1:18 - Mothering is a woman’s whole life...whether you choose to be a parent or not

3:04 - Mom Compassion

4:18 - Main Thing: We ARE having difficult conversations with our kids

5:20 - Let’s Talk About Sex

7:35 - Starting with objective information

9:31 - Sex: It’s like going to the movies!

17:40 - Always answer honestly, satisfy curiosity

21:58 - EXPLICIT understanding of consent

23:40 - What can I get vs. what we choose to do together

27:17 - Erections at the Dinner Table

29:13 - What’s off limits in your home?

32:32 - Are Barbies off limits?

34:14 - Having these conversations ahead of the game makes them less difficult

38:07 - FIlmmakers, authors, educators, creators...LISTEN UP!

40:21 - Sheltering your children doesn’t prevent them from exposure

42:34 - We can create a safe space for our children to talk with us sans shame

48:59 - Walking around in a bubble…

51:00 - An Argument FOR Parenting in the Bubble

58:45 - What do cuss words MEAN

1:04:56 - Because-I-said-so parenting

1:07:25 - Look for the helpers

Mar 7, 2017

4:04 - Tell me what’s happening to my body??

5:36 - The first and last day of your cycle

7:15 - What my method of period tracking USED to be

8:21 - I fired my’s why

11:01 - Why I use a period app

11:43 - You can get pregnant outside of ovulation

14:42 - Ovulating with the full moon and new moon

15:02 - Syncing cycles

16:02 - That’s the only time I use Twitter…

16:35 - Getting in touch with your cycle is nearly impossible on hormonal birth control

17:47 - I have never felt better in my body than when…

19:17 - If hormonal birth control doesn’t work for you…

20:36 - Erin’s IUD attacked her

23:28 - I feel most like a woman when…

24:33 - That’s Ovulation!

25:56 - How can I start tracking my period?

31:36 - The See of Patriarchy

32:34 - Menstrual Blood - from sacred elixir to…

35:06 - CUNT used to mean…

37:04 - Our hope for you!

40:00 - Give yourself a Uterine Massage!

Feb 28, 2017

Episode 04 :: PERIODS pt1

2:05 - Neghar’s First Period

5:22 - Life’s a Bitch, and Then You Die

7:08 - My 10-Year-Old Son Knows All About Periods

7:47 - To Bush, Or Not To Bush

9:02 - Erin’s First Period

10:35 - He Referred to My Period as “Broken”

11:22 - Period Options and the Cultural Evolution of Acceptance

15:52 - THINX Panties!!!

16:38 - Jen Sinkler Shout Out!

18:13 - Why Erin Isn’t a Big Fan of Tampons

20:00 - Erin’s THINX Show-and-Tell

20:52 - Disclosure: NOT Sponsored By THINX (but would love to be…)

22:30 - Your Period Wants Out! Don’t Have One? Address That!

23:30 - The Energy and Release Around Your Period

25:50 - Women and the Moon

27:16 - This One Time, At Witch Camp…(Honoring Your Womanhood)

29:13 - Private, But NOT Shameful

30:26 - No Matter Which Management You Choose, the Choice is Important

33:46 - Powerful Passages

34:49 - Get In Touch With Your Menstrual Cycle

35:13 - On the Next Episode (PERIODS pt2)!!


“Cunt: A Declaration of Independence”

“Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit”


Feb 20, 2017

Episode 03 :: SEX

“We are Nasty Women because we believe that we deserve to seek pleasure just for the sake of it.”

2:10 - We want to have a candid conversation about sex

4:02 - We fully affirm any sex you consensually have with someone who is SO excited to do it with you!

4:56 - Westworld Sex

6:35 - Sacred Virginity vs. Sacred Sex

8:10 - How society decides what I get to do with my body

9:35 - 5 Things Men Don’t Want You to Know about Sex

10:47 - Climax...or lack thereof

13:33 - Neg’s adventurous journeys

16:00 - Bleeding

22:04 - So many ways to orgasm…

27:33 - Conservative vs. Exploratory Sex

33:40 - Powerful Women and Consensual Domination

36:00 - Nothing is Weird. Everything is Weird.

38:15 - Frequency and Communication

46:36 - Baggage

48:00 - Sexual Experimentation, Identification, and the Kinsey Scale

58:30 - Candid Conversation with Your Partner


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